Technology Consulting

New technologies and innovation advisors that help drive business value.

New Technology

Technologies are changing innovation. Adopting new technologies enables you to create new products and services rapidly.


Blockchain provides new infrastructure to build innovative technologies beyond cryptocurrencies. We can help you build smarter, more secure products.


The sooner Cloud technology is adopted, the more agile your business will be in an increasingly competitive market.


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Having the right Cybersecurity in place enables enterprise resilience. Strengthen the trust with your customer.

Artificial Intelligence

Understand the value and risks of AI, incorporate the capabilities to innovate the way you operate.

Alchemybase Inc. - Innovative Blockchain Technology Solutions

Why Us?

With our business industry insights, and experience with technology innovation, we help you innovate with agility, provide greater value with a simplified digital transformation.



As managed service providers, we love keeping our clients informed on the latest technology, how it can be incorporated into their product or operation.



By combining our technical knowledge and business expertise, we're able to provide solutions for complex situations and implement them for you quickly and cost effectively.



Our team of professionals have decades of experience in emerging, innovative technologies. Serving a wide range of businesses, small to large corporations.

Security is our priority

Cyber - Crypto Security


Our team can assist with planning, assessment and preventative measures to ensure your company is ready for any cyberattack when it happens. Incase your company is a target, have the necessary tools to minimize the risk of any cyberattack.

Data & Application

Implement a robust security system to help protect critical assets. Our team and services can help you with the latest technologies and best practices, further identifying security weaknesses, protecting you from data breaches and vulnerabilities.

Phishing Protection

Phishing communication cannot be prevented by a single technology. Enterprises must use layered security approaches, we have tools to block attachments, suspicious links and any signs of impersonation and fraud.

Active Security Audits

Regular security audits help identify infrastructure weak points that could be exploited. We make sure you're a step ahead by checking for outdated operating systems and software, as well as security policies and employee education.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consultation

Professional Consultation on your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Projects.

Our team of dedicated blockchain professionals have over 10 years within the Cryptocurrency industry. We have developed and built new products for Cryptocurrency on multiple blockchains. Contact us today to see how we can help on your project.

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