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Mining Facility & Management Services

Dedicated Mining Professionals

Alchemybase provides solutions from deployment to remote site management. For already established mining facilities, Alchemybase will amplify your current operation, seamlessly integrating your operation with our technology. Our mission is to provide you with an easy, convenient solution that is backed by a foundation of security top blockchain talent. Expect optimized mining, maximized hashing power, and precise inventory tracking.


Put your mining setup in the hands of our trusted system. Our advanced mining software offers fully automated setup.


Our talent and advanced software maintain your miners at peak perfomance while you reap the rewards.

Remote Monitoring

Exercise total control of your mine at your fingertips. Handoff all mining maintenance and repairs to our team.


We offer network support, introducing state of the art network technology to optimize and secure your network.


We manage the risks through our ruthless application of security standards so you can focus on the rewards.


Let our trained technicans manage your miner maintenance and repairs. We offer servicing for all mining hardware.

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We'll Work With You

Our team is experienced in both ASIC and GPU mining systems. Balance risk, and maximize return on investment, contact us today.

GPU Mining Systems

We can optimize your existing GPU configuration or provide a new GPU mining configuration fit to your needs.

ASIC Mining Systems

Easily manage and control your ASICs. We manage all types of ASICs, managing firmware, upgrades and performance.

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